A ProFont T-Shirt

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The german »geek stuff supplier« getDigital is now offering a T-Shirt saying The code is documentation enough. And it’s typeset in ProFont. Have a look!

Being a ProFont fan for more than a decade now, I simply had to order it!
And I have to say, it makes me kinda proud. Of course I didn’t create ProFont font but I’m audacious enough to claim that the credit for ProFont still being alive and kicking partly belongs to me… ;-)

If case you consider buying the shirt, too, I recommend the »Organic T-Shirt« variant. Not only because it’s organic fair-trade cotton but also because the cloth in my option feels much better than getDigital’s regular T-Shirts (although those are labeled 100% cotton, too, so I guess the organic variant is using some higher quality cloth). Be sure to consult the measure details provided on the site – e.g. the organic variant XXL size is about as wide as the regular variant L size.

Disclaimer: I’m not working for getDigital nor do I receive any kind of remuneration for advertising the shirt.

New ProFont versions? Ask here!

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Sometimes I’m asked to provide new ProFont versions on my ProFont page, mostly because people would like to have some additional characters.

The thing is, I’m not experienced in font editing, so I’m not the right person to do it.

If you’d like to have an additional ProFont version, please leave a comment here. Describe what you need, and don’t forget to mention the font format you prefer (i.e. bitmap or TrueType, Windows or Mac OS X or Linux…).

And maybe, someday some nice guy who knows more about font editing than I do, will read your comment and provide the ProFont version you want.
Don’t set your hopes too high, though, because there are not many visitors here on my blog. But, hey, you never know…