A ProFont T-Shirt

The german »geek stuff supplier« getDigital is now offering a T-Shirt saying The code is documentation enough. And it’s typeset in ProFont. Have a look!

Being a ProFont fan for more than a decade now, I simply had to order it!
And I have to say, it makes me kinda proud. Of course I didn’t create ProFont font but I’m audacious enough to claim that the credit for ProFont still being alive and kicking partly belongs to me… ;-)

If case you consider buying the shirt, too, I recommend the »Organic T-Shirt« variant. Not only because it’s organic fair-trade cotton but also because the cloth in my option feels much better than getDigital’s regular T-Shirts (although those are labeled 100% cotton, too, so I guess the organic variant is using some higher quality cloth). Be sure to consult the measure details provided on the site – e.g. the organic variant XXL size is about as wide as the regular variant L size.

Disclaimer: I’m not working for getDigital nor do I receive any kind of remuneration for advertising the shirt.

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