Compare Map Projections

Are you interested in map projections?

If you are, then maybe you’ve already been in a situation where you wanted to compare to given map projections: Maybe, because they resembled each other in appearance, or maybe because you wanted to see in which one a certain part of the earth will look better, or maybe even – if you’re really into map projections – because you wanted to compare the distortions inherent in the projections.

Well, if that sounds familiar to you, you might want to pay a visit to the new website I just launched:

From a selection of more than a hundred different map projections, you can select two at a time to compare them directly to each other.

And if you’ve never dealt with map projections but like to look at world maps, the come around, too, because I’ve also added a few articles covering basic knowledge about map projections.

Hope to see you there!

… and btw, the website is available in German, too: – but maybe you’ve already seen that in my blog post next door… ;-)

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